Meet Your New Front-End

A Match Made in Heaven When I found Angular a couple years ago it really was a match made in heaven.  I was using jQuery Mobile and looking for something that would allow for “live” updating on the client side.  I played around with libraries like Backbone, Knockout, and Ember, but all of them had … Continued

Madness U – Package Managers

  Well after 2 long weeks we are back and ready to rock.  This week, as promised, we cover package (dependency) managers.  What is a package manager you say?  Well basically, it is a way of pulling down code libraries or plugins into your project and keeping them versioned, so that you can worry about … Continued

Social Madness Contest

Good evening social prowlers!  A couple weeks ago we started a contest for official Madness Labs swag.  Though we have had a few submissions we are sad to see that more people haven’t been able to participate.  Lucky for you, we have decided to start another contest that will allow everyone a chance to participate … Continued

Madness Fit – Label Labyrinth

Hello and very good to see you again or welcome if you are new! There are many questions to reading nutrition labels, and it’s a very confusing process. I want to talk about nutrition content, but more importantly I want to talk about the ingredient list. I know that this seems trivial, but I assure … Continued

Madness U Returns Next Week

I know you were looking forward to learning about compiling code yesterday, but after I started making the compiling code series I realized that there was an important precursor, package managers. So we will be posting “Madness U: Package Managers” on our YouTube channel next Wednesday. Until then, I posted the desktop background, with the … Continued