Better Forms with Mobiscroll


What is MobiScroll?

In short, it is a library used to make mobile friendly, enhanced user inputs, that mimic Apple’s / HTC’s scroll pickers. It started as a simple date picker, but now has branched into a full suite that covers dates in a varieties of ways, all the way to selects.

Why use MobiScroll?

Well it really came down to 2 big ideas when we chose to use this library at Madness Labs, Browser/Device Compatibility and User Experience. If you are a developer you have probably realized that support for all of the new HTML5 input types like date, telephone, and range is spotty at best. You also have probably also noticed that every different browser/device handles these inputs with different user interfaces. This is where MobiScroll shines, it brings the same smooth user experience to every platform no matter if it’s being used on a web page or a hybrid web app.

I’m Sold, Hook a Coder Up!

Well I’m glad to hear that you are as excited to use this as I was to share it with you! Below I have 2 links, the first is the link to their GitHub repo, and the second is a link to their website. Their GitHub repo includes only the most basic functionality and was able to get us by for a while, but if you are anything like us you, and your users, will be so thrilled with this toolset that you will want to buy the full suite (Especially to get the AngularJS directives).

Getting Started

Lucky for you, MobiScroll has done a swell job documenting their software and have one of the greatest support teams around. In our experience, they have been nothing but happy and helpful. I have posted a link below to read their docs to get you started.

Docs & Demos

In Closing

With the ease of use, the excellent UI, and overall compatibility there really is nothing that rivals MobiScroll on the interwebs. I hope you find this library as useful as we have for making slick forms at Madness Labs. I know it has been a while since our last blog post and it takes an eternity for us to release new content, but our hopes is to put a dedicated member on the blog posts very soon so we can keep pumping out the content you love. Thanks for your continued support and I look forward to writing the next post! ^_^