Madness Fit – Label Labyrinth

Hello and very good to see you again or welcome if you are new! There are many questions to reading nutrition labels, and it’s a very confusing process. I want to talk about nutrition content, but more importantly I want to talk about the ingredient list. I know that this seems trivial, but I assure … Continued

Fitness Friday: Cosmetic Chaos

Hello everyone, we hope you had a good week!  We wanted to point out how beauty and personal products have gone awry on us and bring to you some of the knowledge I have found over the course of two and a half years.  It started when my husband, Bobby, saw that I was obsessing … Continued

Fitness Friday: Smoothie Madness

Welcome to our first Fitness Friday post!  The goal is to share with you, the benefits and consequences, of a healthy lifestyle that we have learned in the school of hard knocks on the journey to becoming fit.  From food and drink, exercising, all the way to topical appliances, we intend to inform you of … Continued