What You Need to Know Before Playing at a Spa or Online Casino

In February, Casino777 introduced live roulette in Spa, Belgium, with a partner offline: the famous Casino de Spa. Spa is a city famous for its thermal baths, and it is also home to the first terrestrial casino in Belgium. On Saturday nights from 18h00 to midnight, members of Casino777 can play live roulette with professional … Continued

Comment jouer dans un casino en ligne

Avant de jouer dans un casino en ligne, vous devez d’abord effectuer un dépôt. La plupart des casinos en ligne offrent de nombreuses options bancaires différentes et facilitent le processus. Une fois que vous avez effectué votre dépôt, vous pouvez commencer à jouer immédiatement. Une grande variété de jeux s’offre à vous lorsque vous jouez … Continued

WordPress Posting for Maximum Reach

WordPress Posting is Easy if you have the right tools and know-how. Luckily, if you are a customer of Madness Labs’ SAAS you have all of the tools you need to be a pro at SEO with WordPress. In this video I show how to craft a post on your blog, how to optimize your … Continued

YouTube Monetization Changes “Rant”

The new YouTube Monetization Sucks… Today YouTube rolled out changes to their monetization system. It was partly in response to Logan Paul and his smut videos that grabbed so much attention, but instead of hurting them, they lashed out at the little guys. Now to get into the Partner Program, you must have 4000 hours … Continued

New Year, More Madness…

It was 8 years ago almost to the minute since my wife and I’s first date. Snow still covered the ground and though not as cold as tonight there was a frost in the air. I sat across from her at Applebees as she played with her food. Seeing someone so nervous to be on … Continued

Animadness Returns for Otaku Day

Animadness has Risen for Otaku Day!   Here at Madness Labs we are proud to present to you the new and improved Animadness App for binge watching Anime! You can watch completed series of anime to your heart’s content, though we all know that will never happen! We have been diligently working on this experience … Continued

Boot loops by MicroSoft

Boot Loops by MicorSoft Just another one of those days that start with a big bowl read more of Boot Loops. Part of a balanced headache by MicroSoft. Now with more memory dumps for the whole family. Visit my lenders.

Better Forms with Mobiscroll

What is MobiScroll? In short, it is a library used to make mobile friendly, enhanced user inputs, that mimic Apple’s / HTC’s scroll pickers. It started as a simple date picker, but now has branched into a full suite that covers dates in a varieties of ways, all the way to selects. Why use MobiScroll? … Continued

Good-Bye Kali and 2014

2014 is over, it’s time to reflect on last year, and for us here at Madness Labs it was a year of intense ups and downs. Today happens to be a down for us. I write this post, in tears, as we said good-bye to a family member yesterday, Kali. Who’s that Wiener? In short, … Continued