Meet Your New Front-End

A Match Made in Heaven When I found Angular a couple years ago it really was a match made in heaven.  I was using jQuery Mobile and looking for something that would allow for “live” updating on the client side.  I played around with libraries like Backbone, Knockout, and Ember, but all of them had … Continued

Madness U Returns Next Week

I know you were looking forward to learning about compiling code yesterday, but after I started making the compiling code series I realized that there was an important precursor, package managers. So we will be posting “Madness U: Package Managers” on our YouTube channel next Wednesday. Until then, I posted the desktop background, with the … Continued

Madness Labs is ALIVE!

  Our blog here at Madness Labs has been open for exactly a week, but as many of you may have noticed a lot of content was missing from the rest of the site. We are happy to announce that the rest of our site is LIVE! Please browse around and spread the madness around, … Continued

Madness Challenge – Sanity Sunday

Hello all, welcome back and happy Madness Monday reader!  After reading a brilliant article from Life Hacker about Six 30-Day Challenges to Help You Learn More and Form Lasting Habits, we wanted to come up with a challenge of our own that we really relate with and hopefully you will too.   We don’t know … Continued