Madness Contest: Free T-Shirt for Business Sign-Up

Contest for T-ShirtYes you can believe your eyes! This is the prototype for the Madness Labs T-Shirt.  Rather than keep these all to ourselves, we are looking to give these away to anyone who helps us spread a little Madness in the first ever Madness Contest!  Before we get to the rules of our first Madness Contest, I think this would be a good time to tell you a little about what we actually do here at Madness Labs.

At Madness Labs we have done it all when it comes to web applications.  From websites, management tools, APIs, to native applications almost no device is out of reach for our web apps.  As with every company though we obviously need a niche and we  have found ours is creating management tools to help empower good small businesses.  This stems from our passion for helping small businesses get the tools they need to help compete on the same level as more established companies such as the Fully-Verified, at a reasonable price.  We know first hand that it isn’t easy to manage a business.  Issues of getting the management out of the way so you can get back to providing an excellent product or service can cause detrimental effects. Luckily, we specialize in helping small businesses take their companies online and in ways some couldn’t have imagined.

We are not, however, your standard, overpriced, web design company that slaps something together and charges thousands of dollars, just to have them come back months later with updates.  Madness Labs’ management tools are service based, so that the business doesn’t get stuck with something they will outgrow.  We will grow with your company rather than because of your company.

That brings us to the first ever Madness Contest.  We need your help to bring a little madness to more small businesses that need help in the web department.  I’m sure you know a business that needs a new website, one that finally will look like it was meant on your iPhone, and/or a business who runs everything with a paper system or worse yet spreadsheets.  Madness Labs wants to help you help them help themselves by submitting them for our contest and giving them a few kind words about us couldn’t hurt either , so we can try to help them help us help you get a free shirt.  Okay that last sentence was a doozie, so I will spell it out in a manner most should have gathered by now.  Click the link below, fill out the form, and if the business signs up then you get a FREE Madness Labs T-Shirt.

We hope you will walk away knowing a little more about what we do here at Madness Labs and will be on the lookout for small business that need some help taking things to the next level with a little madness. Thanks for reading and we hope you’ll come back for the Madness U Tutorial on Wednesday where we will be going over GIT and the importance of a code Repository!

Enter Contest (Ends 11/1/14)