Madness is Back

I know you were sitting at your Thanksgiving Day feast thinking, WHERE THE HELL DID MADNESS LABS GO?!? No worries, it has been a while since our last post so I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know what our team has been up to for the past month and a half. We did fall off the face of the earth for a while, but no need to fret, we are back and hitting social media harder than ever!

Madness just got Linkedin

Took us long enough eh? After holding out for so long I have finally put myself and Madness Labs on Linkedin. I hope everyone is as excited as us in welcoming our new social channel. Just one more way to spread a little madness.

More Madness U

For those of you who missed it we posted another Madness U video on our YouTube Channel about “Building our project from Github”.

More Open-Sourced Madness

We have been hard at work getting some of our projects open sourced so that everyone can code like the professionals at Madness Labs. We have a mobile friendly WYSIWYG editor, called Madness Enjineer, an app template using angular.js, bootstrap, and a template with built in WordPress blog, to make starting a new project simpler. That being said check out one of our repos on our Github Page, many more are coming soon!

The Contest Results are in…

The results from our first ever contest are in. We have sent the lucky winners messages to let them know they have won their free Madness Labs T-Shirt. Thanks to everyone who participated and we hope to make these contests routine, because what good is it being mad, if you can’t share the love!

Updates to the Site

As you may or may not have noticed Madness Labs is in the midst of getting some updates. The update includes a link to linkedin, links to our new open source projects, and even more stuff on the portfolio. Keep checking back to see what else we spiff up for the new year.

Business as Usual

Over this past month we have really started to gain momentum in business management systems and we hope that trend continues. We have had the pleasure of working with 2 companies to make a website with management tools that fit their needs and I couldn’t be more proud to stamp our logo at the bottom of these projects because we have worked diligently to bring the vision of Madness Labs to life. It’s great to see something that has been conceptualized since I was in high school really start to take shape and blossom. Hopefully the next post will be an app spotlight from one of our happy business management customers.

That’s a Wrap

Though this post was on the shorter side compared to all of the rest, I assure you that I have only scratched the surface on what we have been working on since our last post. Madness Labs is back on the scene and though we can’t promise 3 posts a week, as we did before, we can promise that you will be seeing us on your feeds more regularly. See you next time and happy holidays! ^_^