Madness Mentality – Employees


Happy labor day everyone! We hope that between all of the BBQs, beers, and time off you remember the true meaning of the holiday, employee recognition. In the spirit of labor day, we thought it would be appropriate to share a bit of our madness mentality with you, more specifically, how we view employees and in turn how they view us.

The first question you might have is, what is madness mentality? Madness mentality is the methodology that everyone lives by at Madness Labs. It’s the key principals that navigate everything we do here. From the way we treat our employees, to what projects we take on, how we do the work, all the way to our customer service. These guidelines are what make us different than almost every other design company you’ve heard of. So, now that you know a bit about our moral compass, how does this affect the workplace and employees here at Madness Labs?

Well, to start, both the founders of Madness Labs have worked at countless jobs where they felt they weren’t valued and if you have ever been to a fast food restaurant, then you know the quality of work that undervalued employees produce. When we started Madness Labs we wanted to create a very lax work atmosphere that rewards those who work hard and not just monetarily, but holistically. We knew that if we created the right culture that the quality of work would reflect the happiness in our employees and we were dead on.

This morning Brian Whiting, our first employee, posted the following to Google+. “So working with Madness Labs is great. As one of their designers and developers I love it. Better appreciation that I ever received from any job ever.”. When we see things like this it really just affirms that we are doing things the right way and Brian’s quality of work definitely shows it. We aim to keep making Madness Labs a better place to work and we are assured that great employees, like Brian, will keep proving the madness mentality right.

Our methodology doesn’t stop with employees, it starts there, trickles all the way to the end product and beyond. We hope this post has shown you a little more of our true colors here at Madness Labs and you will join us as we take you deeper into our madness mentality in future posts. Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!