Madness Mentality: Work Enviornment

Madness Mentality - Work Environment

Happy World Heart Day everyone!  A couple weeks ago we spotlighted how Madness Labs treats their Employees.  It seems fitting that on World Heart Day 2014 we highlight the work environment here at Madness Labs as it is this year’s theme.

I’m sure everyone has worked, or is working, at a place where the work environment is very uptight and over serious, all of us at Madness Labs have.  With the starting of our company we wanted to provide a workplace that feeds creativity, gets rid of the stereotypical stress driven atmosphere, and puts the employee in charge of their work.  When we were first conceptualizing how Madness Labs should be managed, we knew we wanted a workplace that broke all standards, but it wasn’t until we watched Dan Pink’s TED talk on employee motivation, that we really honed in on how Madness Mentality would play in the workplace.

If you have time it is worth a watch, if not for a company you are starting, then an idea you can pass onto the managers at your workplace.  For those of you who are short on time I will give you the gist.  The key to motivating employees is to give them more freedoms, not more rigidness.  Here we allow employees make their own schedules, work from home, choose their projects, and we pay for continued learning.  That being said, we are still very small and have barely hit the tip of the iceberg with our plans for employee freedoms.  We believe wholeheartedly that a low stress work environment will allow our employees to be their most creative and productive.  So far this methodology in the work place has really paid off.

You spend eight plus hours at your workplace on almost a daily basis and if you don’t enjoy being there then your work will show it.  We post this not as a way of gloating, but in hopes that we can help steer more companies toward the Madness Mentality as it has paid off for us and countless companies before us.

Thanks for reading, this short, but informative, article.  If there is anything we value equally, or greater than our employees and the atmosphere in which they work, it is our supporters.  Whether you are a client or just a follower we would love to hear from you so feel free to comment or fill out our contact form.  If you haven’t seen the first article for Madness Mentality: Employees, there is the link and if you haven’t entered a business for the Free T-Shirt Contest, you must be crazy to not want that sexy swag.  Thanks again and here’s to the beginning of a great week!