Madness U – Package Managers

Madness U - Package Managers


Well after 2 long weeks we are back and ready to rock.  This week, as promised, we cover package (dependency) managers.  What is a package manager you say?  Well basically, it is a way of pulling down code libraries or plugins into your project and keeping them versioned, so that you can worry about making your application rather than finding the new CDN link for jQuery.  We cover 3 package management systems.  Node.js a package manager / web server for running server side Javascript, Bower for installing client side libraries (like jQuery), and finally Composer for installing server side PHP dependencies.  This is a lot to cover in a short time, but hopefully you can grasp the concept and start utilizing some or all of these tools in order to make you and your code more efficient.  Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next week when we cover code compiling using some of these package managers.