Madness Valentine – Share the Love

Madness Valentine: Share the love

We hope everyone had as lovely of a Valentine’s Day yesterday as my wife and I did. We celebrated with a new open source app called Madness Valentine, a real world quest game. In the spirit of the holiday we want you to help us “Share the Love” and spread the word about all our open source projects on GitHub. We have put a great deal of heart into these projects and it would be a shame not to share them.

Madness Valentine

Madness Valentine is a real world quest game built on Ionic, a hybrid app framework that we are growing fond of. We hope to see this application become a legitimate game for download on the app stores or online and support from people like you.

Madness App

The framework used here at Madness Labs to build first class web applications. This stack includes AngularJs, Bootstrap, FontAwesome, Laravel, and other tools to make your life easier. The build process is accomplished with Gulp. It utilizes live reload, LESS, compiled JS, and has a bunch of other useful commands. Angularytics and SEO4AJAX, from our blog posts, is baked in, so SEO junkies can breathe easy. Check

Madness Blog

This boilerplate app template includes all of the tools from the MadnessApp project and a matching themed blog. When changes occur to the theme of the website they apply automatically to the custom WordPress theme.

Madness Pass

Safely and intuitively save all passwords on your device without worrying about your data getting into anyone else’s hands. All information is stored locally and never hits the internet. We have big plans for this app starting with it’s migration to Ionic.

See You Next Week

That’s it for this blog post. We are trying to get back to a weekly blogging schedule and will be featuring more writers. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones. Check out the Madness Valentine app and our other repos out on GitHub. We’ll see you next week, where we will start to talk about the Ionic Framework.