Social Madness Contest

Social Madness Contest

Good evening social prowlers!  A couple weeks ago we started a contest for official Madness Labs swag.  Though we have had a few submissions we are sad to see that more people haven’t been able to participate.  Lucky for you, we have decided to start another contest that will allow everyone a chance to participate for our sweet Madness Labs T-shirt.

The rules are simple. Do one, or multiple, of the items below for your name to be entered into a live drawing on Google Hangouts to win Swag!  The more you do from below the more chances you get to win.

Ways to enter:

There you have it, literally couldn’t be simpler.  So get to spreading the madness and we’ll see you November 10th for the live drawing on Google Hangouts.  There will be 5 – 10 winners depending on the amount of entries.  Alright we’ll keep this one short, you’ve got some clicking to do!

If you missed the other contest Click Here to read the blog post and enter to win some more swag.