YouTube Monetization Changes “Rant”

The new YouTube Monetization Sucks…

Today YouTube rolled out changes to their monetization system. It was partly in response to Logan Paul and his smut videos that grabbed so much attention, but instead of hurting them, they lashed out at the little guys. Now to get into the Partner Program, you must have 4000 hours of view time a year and at least 1000 subscribers, which seems unattainable without the help of companies like The Marketing Heaven. This doesn’t solve the attention grabbers who will eat Tide pods and do other outrageous things from monetizing. It stops channels like this who create quality content from getting any sort of monetary recognition of their efforts.

Our channel was in review as of last week and we awoke each day with excitement, checking our inbox to see if we got our “Golden Ticket”, but instead woke up today to this. We haven’t had unrealistic hopes of making a ton of money off YouTube ads nor were we excited to put ADs on our content, but it was a source of validation for us. Much like every donation to a Patreon, or every order for a company, Freexxx4u it gives the creator incentive to keep moving forward. It validates their thoughts and gives them more reasons to keep creating quality goods.

What YouTube has done will just keep feeding the beast, incentivising bad behavior to get viewers and making it harder for people that focus on real content. Share this video on social networks @YouTube, werbemittel, #YPP, #YouTubePartnerProgram to let them know that it’s the little guys that need the money and incentives far more than the giants.